• Opening the door
    to a healthier home

About us

The healthy living concept of Lux International is more than a sales strategy, it's a way of thinking – about our company, about our products and about ourselves – today and tomorrow.

The Lux philosophy stands for having fun while we work. It means earning money but also earning our customers' loyalty and respect. And it means taking pride in the products and services we provide. And recognizing the value we bring to our customers' lives by helping them build healthier homes.

The four pillars of our corporate values are simple yet powerful: pride, learnings, earning and fun. It also means that you have the chance to build a long and rewarding career with Lux tomorrow – a chance to travel the world, to attend the Lux Business School, or maybe even the Lux Academy.

Being part of the Lux International family means working towards a better future -– for your company, for your customers and for yourself.


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