115 years of Lux

1901–2016: 115 years of success

Celebrations! That will be the Lux key word in 2016. Because in 2016 Lux celebrates its 115th anniversary:

115 years of innovative products, happy customers, successful partners and business achievements.

115 years during which the vision of a better and healthier living environment has driven thousands of sales representative to spread the Lux products to as many households as possible.

115 years of people centred business, having the satisfaction of our customers and the success of our partners at the very core of our strategies.

115 years of pioneer products focusing on healthy and efficient cleaning combined with advanced customer features, like no other in the market.

115 years of accomplishments in company expansion and profitability.

115 years of hard, passionate, fulfilling and acknowledged work.

This year Lux celebrates 115 years of life, because Longevity is just another word for success.