• A career with Lux can take you anywhere


Let's quote Reinhard von der Becke, Chairman of Lux International: «A great man can only become a great leader when he stops working to succeed and begins working to help those around him succeed.»

But how do you define "success?" Travel? Adventure? Salary? Education? Position? The great thing about working with Lux is that you can write your own definition. It's all up to you.

A career with Lux can take you almost anywhere. As a Lux partner, you can truly become a "citizen of the world."

But what if you don't want to travel around the world? Lux will help you develop a rewarding and exciting career right here at home. And whether or not you choose to cross geographical boundaries working with Lux, we will certainly help you to set and achieve your own personal and career goals – to test and cross your "personal boundaries".

And what if education is more important to you than money? Lux can help with that too. All interested and ambitious partners will have the chance to attend the Lux Business School, a sales training program that is recognized and respected around the world. And a few selected partners – the best of the best – may even be recommended as candidates for the Lux Academy and International Executive Trainee Program.

But the true success of Lux lies in the spirit, the pride and the heart of its partners around the world.

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