• Bright Home Line

  • Pure Air Line

  • Pure Water Line

  • Fresh Food Line

  • Professional Line


Our home is our castle. This is the place where we feel good and protected. Therefore we invest a lot of time in making it perfect for our family and us. We want our home to be comfortable, cosy, friendly, healthy and clean.

Lux takes care of making homes and offices better places to live and work for more than 100 years. For a healthier living: this is our pledge, our goal, our working style. Lux stands for quality products offering outstanding performance, healthy filtration systems, user-friendly usage, low consumption and long term reliability.

Lux products are the result of constant innovation, they are manufactured according to the highest European quality standards, tested and certified by several testing institutes and recommended by various allergy and asthma associations based on the testing results of renowned institutes like TÜV NORD, Germany.

Five specific product lines have been developed to offer our customers everything they need for a healthier living in private and professional segment; everything supported by a competent personel advising and a lifetime Lux service.