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Anti-tobacco filter set

The filter set contains:

- 1 piece of Swiss HEPA™ H13 filter: the full composite synthetic filter is a highly efficient filter capable of removing up to 99.97% of micro particles, such as fine dust, pollen and mould spores.

- 1 piece of Active Carbon Filter: the granular activated carbon binds gases and odours of natural and chemical origin. This filtration stage is effective in reducing tobacco smoke and cooking smells.

- 1 piece of UV lamp: the patented NANOPURE+™ with 360° UV technology is effective in neutralising viruses and bacteria in the air and contributes to an healthy indoor air quality.

- 5 pieces of special slim microfibre filters.

- 2 self-adhesive strips for application the slim microfibre filters.

Compatible with Lux Aeroguard and Lux Aeroguard 4S air purifiers.

Replace the Hepa and Carbon filters together with UV lamp approximately every 12 months, the microfibre filter every 2 month to ensure that the Air Purifier continues to operate optimally.

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