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Mediclean™ filter set

The 5 stages Swiss Mediclean™ filtration system with its exclusive Swiss HEPA™ filter, the multiple layer dust bag, the active carbon filter and the post-motor HEPA filter with anti-bacteria treatment ensures that the dust stays where it belongs. The Lux vacuum cleaners not only clean your surfaces but also purify your ambient air, guarantee zero emissions for a clean and healthy life.

The filter set contains:

- 1 piece of Swiss HEPA™ H13 filter: the full composite synthetic filter is a highly efficient filter capable of removing up to 99.97% of micro particles, such as fine dust, pollen and mould spores.

- 1 piece of Active Carbon Filter: the granular activated carbon reduces gases and odours of natural and chemical origin.

Compatible with Lux Intelligence and Lux S115 vacuum cleaners.

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