10 ways to sleep better during allergy season

Sleep deprivation caused by allergies can make even routine daily tasks difficult. A lack of sleep leads to lower concentration and causes irritability. Fortunately, it is not an impossible feat to get a good night’s sleep in spite of your allergies.


10 tips on sleeping well with allergies

  1. Don’t use a fan 
    Since dust accumulates on its surface and spreads around in the apartment when it is switched on, using a fan is not recommended for those who are sensitive to it.

  2. Install shutters on the windows 
    Use shutters to better prevent the infiltration of dust into the room. Unfortunately, curtain fabrics capture and retain dust easily.

  3. Make sure your air conditioner is clean or don’t use one at all 
    Keeping your AC clean is important, since it may accumulate dust and mold, which could get into the air during use. 

  4. Wash stuffed animals regularly 
    When speaking about fabrics as dust magnets, we generally think of curtains and carpets. Stuffed animals can hold a lot of dust, preventing allergy sufferers from enjoying an undisturbed sleep. So keep them clean!

  5. Keep pets out of your bedroom 
    Sometimes allergy sufferers sleep together with their pets. It is advisable to keep pets out of the bedroom, making sure that the room remains free of dust and animal hair.

  6. Choose your bedding consciously 
    It is important to choose non-feather bedding that can be washed at high temperatures. Ideally, your bedding should be made of synthetic material.

  7. Avoid carpets 
    We often don’t even notice how much dust has built up in our carpets, so the most hygienic solution is to switch to parquet or laminate.

  8. Do not create an ideal environment for dust mites 
    Humid environments are perfect for dust mites to flourish. To prevent this, it is important to keep the windows closed and to use a dehumidifier.

  9. HEPA filters can help solve the problem 
    HEPA filters collect and retain tiny pollens, animal hair, skin cells, and other small particles. Thus maintaining clean air in our environment. Employing premium quality air purifiers can provide some relief for all allergy sufferers.

  10. Mess may also be at the root of the problem 
    Messy piles of laundry thrown in the corner and stacks of things in your home are all dust magnets. You should not only clean up but also keep your room organized and tidy to maintain clean air.

Did you know?

Air purifiers tested and certified by the AHA! Swiss Allergy Center can provide actual help in easing your allergic symptoms. They are now available and can be purchased easily. When selecting air purifiers, you should pay attention to the features of your home and assess its air quality. Our experts will be happy to advise you on this.