Lux Group donates more than 60 000 € to Support Ukraine Refugee Relief Efforts 

Lux Group donates more than 60 000 € to Support Ukraine Refugee Relief Efforts 


Zürich, May 13, 2022 – The Lux Group and its subsidiaries and distributors today announced a donation of more than 60 000 € to support Ukrainian refugee relief efforts.

In March, Urs Meier, CEO of Lux International AG, announced the details of the cooperation with the Swiss Red Cross. Lux stands with the people of Ukraine. There are situations for which there are no words, but once we are lost for words, we know action must be taken. We are proud to see our Lux Group across Europe and the world coming together to help Ukraine.

We, as a group collected various financial contributions in cooperation with the Swiss Red Cross organization:

Each national sales organization contributed a donation of 10 EUR per each main unit sold in the month of March 2022. Many of them rounded up, by generous personal donations from employees, managers and owners. We at Lux International AG collect these funds from the countries, and simply double them.

The result of our donation campaign exceeds all expectations, and we are proud that the global Lux group shows such incredible solidarity in these times. On behalf of the our Executive Management Board (EMB), I am glad to announce that we will transfer an amount of 61’440 € to the Swiss Red Cross, which directly supports the Red Cross' activities in Ukraine.

By doing so, we ensure that our Lux donation reaches the place where it is needed the most.

We are grateful to our Sales Partners for making the donation possible, and for contributing to the collective charity activities of the Lux Group. Thank you to all our employees who are supporting people affected by the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.