Lux is your partner to save the environment too

How does the use of Lux products contribute to environmental protection?

Lux products not only help you to lead a healthy life, you can also improve our Earth’s health by using them.

The monstrous amount of trash burdening the Earth is one of the most acute problems our environment faces nowadays. One of the main causes for that is the massive consumption of huge amounts of low quality products which have a very short life-span and you must replace them with new ones time and again. Therefore, a less known but very effective solution to the world’s waste problem is to buy high quality and long-lasting products which you can use for decades instead of purchasing new products of low quality very often and throwing away the former one. This applies to numerous product categories: fashionwear, furniture, fixtures, and, maybe most importantly, machines.

Lux offers you various products that improve your life quality, help you to create a healthy home – and, due to their long lifetime and efficiency, they are eco-friendly. You can get rid of the trouble of throwing away your old household machine and look for a new one every year by buying a Lux product which will be your partner to create a clean and healthy home for a very long time. Our products work energy efficiently, which means that they provide the highest performance with the lowest possible use of energy.

Waterguard Water Purifier – no more plastic bottles

Households consume thousands of plastic water bottles each year, which means an enormous burden for the environment. By contrast, the environmental impact is close to zero with purified tap water. If you have a water purifier in your home, you will have healthier water, you will no longer have to carry heavy water bottles, and you will greatly reduce your waste and environmental impact.

The Waterguard Water Purifier offers an even more eco-friendly solution than other water purifier machines. Most of the other water purifiers work with big plastic water tanks on top which must be replaced every time they becomes empty, thus creating tons of plastic waste just the same.

Ecolux Steam Cleaner – no more chemicals and detergents

The chemicals and detergents people use to keep their house clean are one of the main causes of the immense water pollution. Therefore, the household machine which could really make an environmental difference here is our Ecolux Steam Cleaner. Using a combination of heat and high pressure, steam penetrates deep into surface pores, eliminating dirt, grease, residue, mold bacteria, viruses and germs without relying on harsh chemicals. In normal household use, a steam cleaner is a magical tool for cleaning and disinfecting kitchen and bathrooms, completely without detergents.

Use Lux products, and you will decrease your own ecological impact by a large measure and you will help to save our Earth.