Mattress for You

Good sleep is very important - both for health and for our everyday well-being. It can prevent diseases and provides us with the energy necessary for our daily activities. But how much we sleep is not the only important aspect: the quality of sleep is at least as important as its quantity.

First of all, what we can do to get better sleep is to choose a suitable mattress. The mattress should normally provide the body, especially the spine, with healthy and accurate support so that the sleeper's muscular system can effortlessly stabilize the body in its most natural and comfortable position. But it is not easy to find one adapted for us. Usually we are in the shop, looking at the different types and brands of mattresses and have no idea which suits us the best.

There are numerous types of mattresses. The three most common types are the spring mattress, the foam mattress, and the latex mattress. Although the spring mattress is traditionally the most popular type, more and more people buy foam mattresses, and in Europe, the sales of this type have reached that of the spring mattresses. They are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their many advantages, such as the low weight or the very comfortable sensation they provide.

When sleeping on your back, it is recommended to use a harder mattress to properly support the spine. Those who sleep on the stomach should use a mattress of medium hardness. When lying on the side, you need a soft mattress to protect the shoulder, hips and ankles. But no matter how you sleep, the most important thing is that a mattress must adapt to your body. A good ergonomic mattress is designed to give in to the heavier parts of the body (such as the head and shoulders) and support the lighter ones (abdomen and legs): and so we can avoid back pain and tension that are often caused by mattresses which are too soft, too hard or do not adapt.

The mattress of Welity can be the best solution for everyone. The Welity mattress adapts perfectly to your body and your sleep positions and relieves your spine - no matter how you sleep or how much you move while you sleep. With the two different surfaces of the mattress and cover you can use a Welity mattress in four different versions. With the two different surfaces on the two sides, you can decide on which surface you want to sleep. With the breathable perforation system, it is also a perfect solution for those who suffer from allergies. You can shape any combination that suits you best!

Sleep well! With Welity, beautiful dreams are guaranteed!