New extensive European study shows: fine dust is even deadlier than previously thought. The risk of developing lung cancer increases with every inhaled particle.

Recently the highly reputable medical journal The Lancet published the findings of the largest European study ever performed about health effects of fine dust. The research, involving 367’251 Europeans in 13 countries, showed that the health effects of fine dust are much more severe than previously thought. The study furthermore states that fine dust smaller than 10 µm, even at concentrations far below the official WHO limit of 20 µg/m3, lead to acute health problems such as breathing difficulties, lung infections leading to lung cancer, adverse effects on the heart and blood vessels, increased use of medicine, diabetes and even premature death. One of the main statements of the study is that an increase of the fine dust concentration by just ten thousandth gram per cubic meter (10 µg/m3) increases the risk of getting lung cancer by 22%. 
The study by The Lancet confirms that fine dust concentration across Europe often lies above the recommended limits. The EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) furthermore confirms that indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. The excessive level of fine dust in a room is, in that respect, a problem that causes a lot of damage to people’s health as identified by the WHO listing indoor air pollution as one of the biggest dangers for our health. 
For quite some time, the Swiss company Lux International has argued that indoor air quality leaves much to be desired also in Europe. The alarming indoor air quality level was, in fact, Lux' reason to develop the Swiss designed Aeroguard line of premium air cleaning systems. aha!, the highly reputable Swiss allergy and asthma foundation, confirms that the use of a Lux Aeroguard air treatment system substantially lowers the indoor concentration of fine dust. Due to this Lux is the only company worldwide having received the prestigious recommendation from aha! Switzerland for its Aeroguard air treatment systems. A field study performed by the well-known independent German testing institute gui-lab determines that the Aeroguard effectively removes the described harmful particles (<10 µm) from the air, contributing to an effective reduction of several risks of health problems. 
The EU recognises the danger of fine dust and European Commissioner Janez Potočnik crowned 2013 the ‘Year of the air’. In support thereof, we at Lux started a “Healthy Air at Home and Work” campaign, in which we draw attention to the indoor air quality problem by offering free indoor air quality tests at home and at work  in cooperation with the renowned German Institute for Indoor Air Quality, gui-lab. For further information and a free test appointment contact info@luxinternational.com

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