Sales representative position at Lux, a company established over 116 years ago

Most people associate looking for a job with meeting the exact requirements of the job description. What qualifications and language skills do you need? How many years of experience should you have under your belt? The list goes on and on, and at times the criteria may seem almost impossible to meet. 

Is there a job that's suitable for people - irrespective of gender, age and educational or professional background - who are on the ball, have strong people skills, a knack for sales and would prefer a job close to home that lets them work a flexible schedule? 

Yes there is! If you like job security and premium quality and have a penchant for selling the water and air purification products of a respected Swiss company that has been established on the market for 116 years, then Lux is just the company for you.

Since we have a great number of regional offices across the country, you have the opportunity to work close to home and schedule your time flexibly.

Hard work always pays off at our company! If you meet the sales targets, you'll benefit from above-average pay and a bonus in line with your performance.

If you're thinking of changing your career, are about to graduate from university, have a young child, are of retirement age or would like to find your own path, then challenge yourself and build your future at our well-established company.

If you currently work in sales, you have a strong chance of reaching the top of your career. If you've never worked in sales, but have always thought you would have a talent for it, here's your chance to put yourself to the test.

Today it's increasingly difficult to ensure that we drink clean water and breathe high-quality air, so you'll play an important role in helping people do precisely that. Just as you came across this job advertisement, people need to find the device that suits their needs best. That's where you come in.

A top-of-the line air purifier is highly beneficial for asthma sufferers and is ideally suited to children's rooms, for removing animal hair, eliminating mould, filtering out cigarette smoke and minimising levels of air-borne viruses and bacteria. The list of benefits is almost endless.

If you like wowing people, then you'll come into your own selling Lux vacuum cleaners, which can completely remove dust mite droppings from mattresses. Imagine revealing a large pile of what looks like dust to somebody who thinks that their mattress is clean. That's none other than the excrement of dust mites, which feed on dead skin cells.

With that powerful demonstration and the presentation of a fantastic product, you'll win the trust of customers.

Our water purification system makes life easier for people in countless households and offices. Our professional technology makes it possible for everyone to drink clean water.

If you're excited by the opportunities that the job presents and keen to help make people's homes healthier, then don't hesitate to apply!

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