Small, but mighty air purifier

Many people do not realize that the air inside your home and office can be just as polluted - or even more polluted - than the air outside. This can be particularly true if you live in an apartment or small home. In these situations, many find that mini air purifiers have a number of advantages over larger units. If you live in a large city, have pets, or struggle with allergies, there's a good chance you could use an air purifier.

First, mini air purifiers are a great innovation for those who suffer from allergies, but for whom space is at a premium.

Second, mini air purifiers are great travel options for those with severe allergies. Mini air purifiers are small enough to put in a car trunk or, depending on airline regulations, in checked baggage, so you can travel with your air purifier. For those who suffer severe allergies, hotel rooms, family members’ homes, and other locations may have allergens or pollutants. The mini air purifier can easily be pulled out while on vacation and set up in a hotel room or spare bedroom. It won’t use too much energy and is safe to leave working while you are out enjoying your travels, allowing you to return back to a bedroom or hotel room that has fewer pollutants, dander, and other allergens. As many hotel rooms around the nation still can be smoked in, a mini air purifier is a must for anyone traveling who has allergies or sensitivity to cigarette or cigar smoke.

For small apartments and kitchens, for those who suffer from severe allergies, the benefits of mini air purifiers are significant.

Lux Aeroguard Mini is compact high-performance air purifier which offers you the solution for healthy indoor air at home and at work. It is also light, user-friendly and energy saving. When shopping for an air purifier, consider carefully the size of the room you plan to use it in. A device too small won't be able to perform what it's been designed to do.

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