What you should know about pillows

Is it good to sleep on pillows or is it not? You can hear quite opposite opinions on this subject. Some say it is not healthy for our body if we rest our head on a pillow and sleep like that all night. Others say the opposite: one should support the head with something.

According to most research, it is not unhealthy at all to sleep on a pillow. It is good and healthy if a pillow supports the head and the neck. Doctors say it is very important when sleeping that the spine should stay straight, and the right mattress and pillow play a huge role in that.

The worst pillow, something that we should avoid in any case, is the very large and soft pillow that inflate on the two sides when we lie down on it. It does not support the cervical vertebrae and it does not take up the line of the body. We wake up tired in the morning, with neck pain and a headache. By contrast, the thickness of the ideal pillow should be equal to the shoulder and neck distance. In this case, it offers the best support when laying on the side and it is able to keep the entire spine straight and thus create the most relaxing position.

It depends on your sleeping position what kind of pillow you need. If you sleep on your stomach, you need the softest and thinnest pillow. Memory pillows are also a good solution. When sleeping on the spine, a very flat pillow is also recommended. The loose neck position and the support are important. If you lie on your side, it is good if the head is supported by a thicker pillow that puts the head in a neutral neck position. Anatomical pillows are very popular even in these last two situations.

The Welity pillow collection of premium quality offers everyone a healthy, undisturbed and peaceful sleep. They have an orthopaedic contour cut from high-quality foams. They automatically steer your body into the optimal lying position Our pillows have an extremely high point elasticity, support your head optimally during sleep and thus relieve your all of your neck muscles.

If you sleep on a Welity pillow, you can be sure that you will have the best sleep in the best position.