Why Humidify Your Indoor Air?

When outdoor temperatures fall, moisture and humidity inside your home can quickly change from pleasant to dry.

When purified air gets enriched by the proper amount of humidity the health benefits considerably increase.

…the water particles released from the humidifier can capture harmful bacteria in the air which decreases the risk of getting into your airways. …a humidity level of 50% significantly reduces the risk of viral infections. …especially on cold winter days the water mist creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in your room. … proper air humidity ensures healthy skin moisture and prevents many skin irritations. …air humidity contributes to the health of plants as well as to the preservation of wooden furniture.

How To Select The Right Humidifier?

There are some viewpoints you should keep in mind when you want to choose the humidifier that best meets your requirements:

efficient technology energy consumption assembly & maintenance noise emission safety for children, no heating, no hot mist the room size