Why is thorough cleaning important for your company?

Cleaning is not only about maintaining a clean environment, it also plays an important role in preventing infections. On the other hand, cleaning plays a role in defining the image of a given institution, ensuring the quality of the service, and the impression visitors gain of the institution. Thus, it can be a determining factor in market competition.

On the other hand, it is worth thinking about how well employees feel themselves and how efficiently they can work in an environment where the carpet is dirty, there is a heavy build up of limescale on the floor tiles, the tables are dusty, and the windows are dirty. We often do not even think about the fact that infections, illnesses, and allergies are more easily developed in an improperly cleaned facility, which result in sick-leave.

For every institution and company, it is extremely important to optimize the costs and time spent on cleaning. Therefore, it does matter what technology is used in everyday workflows.


What factors should be taken into consideration when designing cleaning works?

When determining the frequency of cleaning, it is worth considering how many people use the facility, toilets, and community rooms. First of all, it is worth observing how many days pass until there is a need for cleaning, for example, in a shared kitchen, conference room or locker room, and schedule cleaning accordingly.

In case of carpet-covered surfaces, you cannot rely on your eyes and experience. In case the carpets are vacuum-cleaned at an inappropriate frequency, the number of dust mites and pathogens may rapidly increase in the carpet which can trigger allergic reactions.


Effective cleaning of flooring and floor tiles

Small and medium-sized companies often face the challenge of having to select a cleaning machine that can effectively clean multiple surfaces, that is suitable for cleaning divided rooms, such as locker rooms, kitchens or toilets thanks to its compact size and perform the cleaning process fast and hygienically.

The use of universal cleaning machines with cylinder brushes may provide an optimum solution for them, because they can be used on any surface. Whether it is carpet cleaning or floor cleaning, brushes provide quick progress and intensive deep cleaning. On the other hand, cleaning is much more hygienic, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective thanks to the practical waste water tank and a separate chemical dispenser. For example, Lux Uniprof's cleaning machine can be used for stubborn, hard-to-remove dirt, such as removing grease from the floor of a hotel or restaurant's kitchen.



During cleaning, occupational safety considerations are worth taking into account to prevent slippery surfaces. Cleaning machines with cylinder brushes are equipped with a mechanism that leaves surfaces almost dry.


Carpet cleaning

The more people work in or visit a room, the more it is worth investing in a proper carpet cleaning solution. Carpet cleaning performed at proper intervals helps maintain the carpets' condition, rearrange the fibers and refresh the colors. In addition to the sight of cleanliness, it is also important that dirt is not left among the fibers for a long time.

Why should you choose a professional vacuum cleaner? Daily use requires a high capacity vacuum cleaner. In case of larger areas, it is important for the machine to have a large tank and a durable exterior, especially as far as wheels are concerned.

In case of professional products, not only the suction head, but also the tube of the vacuum cleaner is made of stronger materials, therefore it is suitable for continuous use. A high-quality vacuum cleaner is extremely durable. On the other hand, it has a suitable filter system that prevents the already vacuumed dust from entering the air again.

Lux Powerprof vacuum cleaner's high-performance engine operates quietly even at high speeds, which is a very important factor in occupational safety. Convenient use is ensured by the soft-touch handle equipped with an embedded switch, which facilitates easy switching on and off. The 10-liter dust bag equipped with a HEPA H10 filter provides clean air after vacuuming.



Our objective is to provide clean, dust-free, glossy surfaces. Perhaps many people do not know, but the color of wiping cloths is of paramount importance in professional cleaning, since we cannot wipe the desk with the same cloth as the washbasin surface, and the same wiping cloth cannot be used to clean kitchens and glass surfaces. Usually, a blue or green microfibre cloth should be used for dust removal. If the surfaces are not susceptible to wet cleaning, it is advisable to apply damp dusting, since the absorption capacity of the textile may improve thanks to the water, just as its stubborn dirt removal capability.


A professional partner in cleaning

Lux has been providing its partners with the highest quality, especially long-life products since 1901. Our company has become renowned for its durable, premium quality household vacuum cleaners. Lux also manufactures semi-professional cleaning machines and vacuum cleaners for its corporate partners. We put great emphasis on efficiency, ease of use and durability.

Our cleaning machines help you achieve a clean, hygienic environment with less work and resources. Lux is committed to using environmentally-friendly technologies, our machines allow you to use absolutely no or very little chemicals during the cleaning process. We strive to provide a wide range of customizable solutions.

In order to choose the most suitable brush set for your existing surfaces, for example for your Lux Uniprof cleaning machine, you may want to make use of our personal consultations, where our experts try to choose the most optimal products and accessories for you.

As a reliable partner, we provide assistance in the quick replacement or immediate service of worn filters and brushes. We provide a training to help you learn how to use our machines.

If you would like to receive more information about our products and services, our consultants are happy to meet you personally to answer all your questions.