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How often should I change the filters of the air cleaner Aeroguard?

Filter symbols on the display of your device notify you when it is time to replace them.

What does the Allergy Label and the recommendation from aha! Swiss Allergy Centre stand for?

The Lux Aeroguard has been tested in the laboratories of the German Institute TÜV NORD on its efficiency in the filtration of allergy and asthma causing elements. The Lux Aeroguard has proved a high filtration performance both on the lab tests and on the field test, the reason for which the Swiss Asthma and Allergy Association aha! Swiss Allergy Centre has awarded its Allergy Label.

How does the Aeroguard ioniser work?

The Ionizer emits a small electrical force field which releases negative ions. These will stick to positively charged particles and fall to the floor, where they can be vacuumed up. The Lux Aeroguard Ioniser does not produce ozone.

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