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What is Lux ORIGINAL?

Lux ORIGINAL is the Lux consumable line. For every product Lux has developed high quality dust containers and filters to ensure the highest filtration and performance. Lux ORIGINAL dust bags and filters are available at every Lux customer service and local Lux online shops.

Where can I get spare parts for the Lux products?

For security and warranty reasons, repairs on the Lux products should only be carried out by trained Lux Service personnel. Spare parts are not available for unauthorised persons. The Lux Service offers you a general unit check as well as a professional repair of your unit with the original Lux spare parts.

How do I get in touch with a Lux Representative?

You can request an appointment with a Lux representative by using the online form or calling the local customer service telephone number.

How do I know if the person visiting me is a Lux Representative?

Every Lux representative has a Lux identification badge that he will be proud to show you.

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