Welcome to the World of Lux!

We look back at the history of the Lux Group with outmost respect and we greatly appreciate the performance of our sales representatives and sales managers who have worked enthusiastically and professionally with the Lux Group all over the world during the past 119 years.

Above all, we say “Thank You” to our more than 20 million customers worldwide, who have put their trust in Lux over long period of time. Customers who have been excited by the quality of Lux products and of the Lux customer service. Customers who are – quite simply –happy with our Lux products and services.

Our Vision is clear: Being one of the leading global Direct Sales companies for premium healthy home products, improving the quality of living for our partners and customers. Our Mission is to fulfil the dreams and goals of our Lux partners around the world.

At Lux, we treasure our lifetime partnership with Lux customers. A partnership that is built on superior customer service and customer satisfaction. We aim for permanently offering an attractive product range at high quality, improving the quality of the “Healthy Home” of our customers – clean air, clean water, clean surfaces, and a sleeping system assortment to make you sleep deep and relaxed.

Putting our Lux partners at the core of our mission statement is our recognition of our close ties with our sales consultants and employees in the Lux organisations around the world. At Lux, everyone has a real opportunity, women just the same as men. Age does not matter, nor a university degree nor a better relationship with the boss. At Lux, only personal performance counts, and everyone can develop that for him- or herself. Above all, Lux traditionally builds bridges between continents, religions, cultures, races, colours and between people all over the world. It is this multicultural, international standing which makes us powerful.
We recognize that Lux is part of the world of Direct Selling, and Direct Selling means "people business". We stand for our way of working: For a strong corporate culture, for the quality and honesty of our work, and for the way we treat our customers and our sales representatives. We are an active member of “Direct Selling Europe”, we fully endorse their code of ethics, and apply it within our organisations.

We at Lux want to achieve a good, profitable, clean and honest business, and not “any business at any price”. As good corporate citizens, we also want to make our contribution to a responsible society and public life.

Welcome to the World of Lux!