Welcome to the World of Lux!

As a privately owned company based in Switzerland we are proud of our history and of our founder, Axel Wenner-Gren, who founded Lux in 1901 with the vision to make the Lux Group the first truly multinational direct selling company in the world.

We look back at the history of the Lux Group with great respect and we deeply appreciate the performance our sales consultants and sales managers who have worked enthusiastically and professionally with the Lux Group all over the world during the past 100 years. 

Above all, we say thank you to our over 20 million customers worldwide, who have put their trust in Lux over these past 100 years. Customers who have been excited by the quality of Lux products and of the Lux customer service. Customers who are – quite simply – satisfied with our Lux products and services.

Our Vision is clear – to be the world’s No. 1 direct sales company for premium healthy home products, improving the quality of living for our partners and customers. Our Mission is to fulfill the dreams and goals of our Lux partners around the world.

At Lux, we treasure our lifetime partnership with Lux customers. A partnership that is built on superior customer service and customer satisfaction.

Putting our Lux partners at the core of our mission statement is our recognition of our partnership with our sales consultants and employees in the Lux organisations around the world. It reflects the stories of people who have made more of their lives as a satisfied sales consultant or as a successful sales manager with Lux. At Lux everyone has a real opportunity, women just the same as men. Age does not matter, nor a university degree nor the better relationship with the boss. At Lux, only personal performance counts, and everyone can decide and develop that for him- or herself. Above all, Lux today builds bridges between continents, religions, cultures, races, colours and between people all over the world. And this multicultural international standing makes us powerful.
We recognize that Lux is part of the world of direct selling, and direct selling means "people businesses". At Lux, we put people first. And we are proud of our employees and sales force. It isn’t always a simple task to be a successful Lux sales consultant. You need discipline, competence and a great deal of hard work. I am truly convinced that our Lux sales organisation has the most professional sales consultants and managers in worldwide direct selling.

But Lux also stands for the way in which we work. It stands for our corporate culture, for the quality of our work, for the honesty we bring to our work and the way we treat our sales consultants and our customers. 

We at Lux want to achieve a good clean, honest business and not business at any price. As good corporate citizens, we at Lux also want to make our contributions to society and public life.

Welcome to the World of Lux!