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Waterguard Thin water purifier

We all are aware of the importance of a safe access to clean water every day.

The LUX Waterguard Thin water purifier gives you the optimal solution. This product provides you not only with pure water but with healthy water, you can use your water at home without any concerns for every occasion.

The water purifier is based on the 5-stages purification technology to ensure that your water is absolutely pure, fresh and healthy.

The Lux Waterguard Thin will become an indispensable unit in your kitchen, providing you with safe, pure water for drinking or cooking at any time and allowing you to save money, time and space in an environment-friendly way.

Enjoy water in its natural taste, promote your health, recharge yourself with pure freshness, vitality and energy. Gather strength out of every single crystal clear drop.

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1st filter

It removes chlorine and chlorine derivatives and a significant part of organic contaminations from water and give extra protection against viruses and germs.

2nd filter

It removes sand, dirt, grit and sediment particles from your drinking water that are bigger than 1 μ.

The 3rd and 4th filters

These filters are the Reverse Osmosis. Only water molecules can get through its 0.0001 μ sized pores so it removes 95% of all kind of contamination.

The 5th filter

It is a high performance UVC-LED module that enables efficient disinfection and sterilization of drinking water.

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