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Waterguard premium water purifier

We all are aware of the importance of a safe access to clean water every day.

The LUX Waterguard Premium water purifier gives you the optimal solution. This product provides you not only with pure water but with healthy water, you can use your water at home without any concerns for every occasion.

The water purifier is based on the exclusively patented 5-stages purification technology to ensure that your water is absolutely pure, fresh and healthy.

STAGE 1 - Sediment Filter

To remove eventual physical impurities.

STAGE 2 - Carbon Filter

Natural coconut shell carbon filter to remove chlorine excess and organic impurities.

STAGE 3 - Reverse Osmosis Membrane

To remove all particles up to 0.0001 micron.

STAGE 4 - UV lamp filtration chamber

To remove virus and bacteria.

STAGE 5 - Taste enhancer

To ensure a fresh and tasty water.

Waterguard Premium model has more informative display with detailed service indication and its flow rate is also significantly higher than flow rate of the Classic one.

Enjoy water in its natural taste, promote your health, recharge yourself with pure freshness, vitality and energy. Gather strength out of every single crystal clear drop.

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Power consumption Max. 120 W
Working pressure 3 bar
Microbiological reduction Bacteria: 99,9999%
  Virus: 99,99%
  Cyst: 99,9%
TDS reduction > 90%
Purified water TDS 80 – 90 ppm
Recovery  Min 50%
Flow rate 1600 ml/min.
Service indication Filter change
Purification system 5 stage
Filter type Sediment Filter
  Carbon Filter
Technology Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  UV lamp filtration chamber
  Taste enhancer
Item dimensions (H x W x D) 430 x 115 x 465 mm
Item weight 13 kg
Quantity/pack 1

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