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Aroma set

The Aroma set with 100% essential aroma oils is an individual solution for the scenting of your room.
Perfectly matched fragrances create an atmosphere of relaxation or concentration.

The aroma set contains:

- 1 bottle of "Wellness" aroma oil: Orange, Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit. Its effect: regenerating.

- 1 bottle of "Feeling" aroma oil: Orange, Limette, Lemon. Its effect: vitalizing.

- 1 bottle of "Lavendel" aroma oil. Its effect: relaxing.

- 12 pieces of wooden balls to add essentian oils to.

- Ball holder.

Compatible with Lux Aeroguard 4S air purifier.

Important: The use of aromas is not suitable for people with allergies. The concentrated natural ingredients of the aromas can lead to allergic reactions.

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