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The vacuum cleaner is overheating

The higher temperature of expelled air is normal. The engine is cooled by the air coming in during vacuuming. All new Lux vacuum cleaners are equipped with a temperature fuse which prevents damage to the motor and plastic parts of the vacuum cleaner by overheating. If the fuse switches off the vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to check the hose, tube and accessories for blockages. Blocked airflow is the most probable cause of the machine overheating. If the vacuum cleaner is switched off by the temperature fuse too frequently, please contact your Lux service centre.

The suction power of the vacuum cleaner is weak

This defect can be caused only by blocked airflow in the vacuum cleaner. Check the suction and sound of the vacuum cleaner without the hose connected to it. If the sound and suction is OK, the airflow is blocked. It needs to be cleared. It is possible to connect the hose to the exhaust and to put the other end of the hose to the suction hole (be careful not to tear the bag). Then switch the vacuum cleaner on. In case of light blockage of the hose, the dust is blown into the bag in the opposite direction. Check also the other accessories of the vacuum cleaner. If you are not able to clear the blockage, contact your Lux service centre.

I accidently vacuumed some water with my vacuum cleaner, what shall I do?

If the water has reached the motor, a short circuit stopped the unit. In this case please contact your Lux Service Center for the repair of the unit. Do not attempt to repair it by yourself.

In case the water did not reach the motor, switch off the vacuum cleaner and unplug it. Dispose of the dust bag and dry the dust bag compartment. Check if the SWISS HEPA H13 filter and the carbon filter are dry, and in case they are wet replace it with a new one.

Can I use the vacuum cleaner I bought in Europe also in the USA?

The European version of the Vacuum cleaner is running at 220V, therefore it cannot be used in a country where electrical appliances run at 110V.

Can I clean my vacuum cleaner with detergents?

The Lux 115 metal cover is treated with a special anti-fingerprints material. They should therefore not be cleaned with aggressive detergents or a microfiber cloth.

How often should I change my dust bag and filters?

The big icons on the display are easy to read also from a distance, they keep you informed on the used function and advise when the dust bag or the filters need to be changed.

My vacuum cleaner smells, what shall I do?

When cleaning we also vacuum organic elements (animal or vegetable), that after a while in a closed area like the dust bag start to smell. If this happens, dispose of the dust bag, clean the compartment, make sure the hose and tube are free and place a fresh dust bag in the cleaner.

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