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Filling bottle

Suitable for water filling into the steam cleaner.

Before filling water into the unit always steam out the remaining steam in the boiler. The pressure can remain in the boiler over days.

How to fill water into the steam cleaner?

- Open the cable compartment.

- Plug the cable in the power socket.

- Turn the heater switch on 0%.

- Switch on the unit by pressing the ON/OFF button, the orange lamp turns on.

- Press the switches on the control handle • and • • ; move the handle away from you and press the security switch under the handle to let out steam.

- Switch off the unit by pressing on the ON/OFF button, the orange lamp will turn off.

- Unplug the unit.

- The patented safety cap can only be unscrewed when there pressure is below 0,5 bar. Turn carefully the cap in anti clockwise direction. In case steam streams out, close the cap and steam out the unit again.

- Fill the unit only with water (no chemicals). In a tank you can fill 3 bottles. You can use warm water to reduce the heating time.

- Close the security cap carefully.

Compatible with Lux Ecolux 8000 and Lux Ecolux 115 steam cleaners.

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