When we think of living healthy, the first thing that comes to mind is exercise and eating right.
But there is something else that can significantly affect our performance, mood and attitude, namely sleep. What else could be a major topic on the 16th of March, which is World Sleep Day?

It is therefore essential to make sure we get the most restful sleep possible.

Magnesium deficiency can cause sleep disorders, anxiety, fatigue and depression.
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 20% of the adult population in Western Europe does not get the minimum amount of daily sleep required.

There might also be a correlation between obesity and insufficient sleep. Research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania showed that lack of sleep results in increased cravings for food.

The consequences of sleep deprivation may also include impaired brain function, elevated blood pressure, compromised immune system, memory loss, weight gain, irregular pulse, decreased sex drive, pale yellow skin and strained personal relationships.

For this reason, we should all be proactive in trying to ward against these potentially harmful consequences.

But what’s the best way to get the refreshing sleep you need?

When selecting the right mattress, you need to ask yourself whether it’s for a long or short period of time. The first and most important thing you need to consider is “how you sleep” because this will determine the firmness of the mattress required.

  • If you sleep on your stomach, you’ll need a medium-firm mattress to mould and shape to your body, evenly distribute your body weight and provide optimal support for your spine.
  • If you sleep on your side, you should get a softer mattress in order to cushion your shoulders, hips, and ankles.
  • If you sleep on your back, you’ll need something firmer in order to distribute the weight across the surface of the bed and provide your spine with sufficient support.
  • If you sleep in different positions, a medium-firm mattress will be the right choice for you.

The safest bet is a dual-core mattress. On this type of mattress, you can simply roll onto the softer or firmer side as desired.

But what exactly is there to gain by getting restful sleep?

A good night’s sleep can improve athletic performance. Research shows that hormones that regulate hunger are not activated during sleep. Some studies found that the primary causes of migraine headaches include stress, exhaustion and lack of sleep.

All in all, to keep yourself in tip-top shape, you need to make sure you’re getting the right amount of good quality sleep.

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