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Lux Aeroguard Sense

Everyone should have to right to breath healthy and fresh air! Our fast and urbanized way of living creates a hamrful indoor environment. We offer this unit to fight back to air pollution, ease asthmatic symptomps and provide a better,cleaner home for you!

5-level filtration system combines the best technologies for efficient air purification. It provides fresh and healthy air in a large area.

First, the prefilter removes large particles such as hair and fibres It is washable and easy to mount.

HEPALUX filtration technology with HEPALUX filter ensures a 99.95% filtration rate and the photo-catalytic oxidation with a UV-LED that fights bacteria and viruses ensures that every breath you take is healthy!

The activated carbon filter reduces gases as well as natural and chemical odors such as tobacco and food odors.

The Ionizer releases negatively charged Ions which stick to the positively charged harmful particles. Thus the dirt particles in the air become heavier and fall to the floor.

High Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)- Aeroguard Sense can clean 765 m3 air in an hour which is highly above avarage!

Detects gaseous contamination such as odors or VOCs (volatile organic compound).

New innovative WaveTouch allows to adjust the wind speeds easily just by a wave of your hand.

  • specification
Dimension Unit only (H x D) 610 x Ø 400 mm
Weight 11 kg
Power Switch Touchless Sensor
Display Yes
Applicable Area  65 m2
CADR 765 m3/h
Particle Counter Yes
Automatic Mode Yes
Filter Replacement Timer Yes
Wheels Yes
Pre-Filter Cloth Black (Grey and Red as Accessory)
Special Features UV-A LED
Particle & Gas Sensor

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