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Tiny particles come out with the steam

This is caused by mineral build-up. The product needs to be descaled regularly. The descaling cycle depends on the quality of water used in your house. Descale the steam cleaner according to the attached instructions.

The read heating light appears

During steam cleaning at 100% output the red lights signalising heating appear from time to time. It doesn’t have to mean any serious defect. Probably there is too much steam used in a short time and the heating device is not able to produce new steam and therefore the pressure is being reduced. Wait for a while - the pressure will renew and the red light switches off.  In case the red light doesn’t disappear after the procedure, contact your Lux service centre. If you work with 100% output, it is necessary to release the steam intermittently to avoid fast decrease of the steam pressure.

My Ecolux 8000 does not heat up

Make sure the heating button (under the handle) is pressed on the 100% symbol. If it still does not work contact your local customer service.

How do I clean the boiler of my steam cleaner?

When the unit is cold, fill some water in the boiler and shake the unit a little. Place the unit on a sink, use the security cap to unscrew the drain cap under the unit. Let the water flow out of the unit. Repeat the process a couple of times.

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